Technical sheet
Product Sumus® bags with open top and crossed bottom
Materiali Post-consumer 100% recycled Kraft avana paper, ideal to be introduced in the 90 lt bin
Variants Available in Aquasumus® waterproof version 
Weight Single sheet 90g/m2 | Double sheet 70+70g/m
Glues and inks Water-based glue, water-based ink of black colour with pigment in carbon fibre
Basic (piece/stack) 20 Loading pallet weight (kg) 1200
Loading pallet (piece/pallet) 4.000 Complete load (pallet/load) 23
Loading pallet sizes (cm) 100x140x160 Complete load (piece/load) 92.000
Technical drawing
agrisumus biotelo
Technical sheet
Product Bio-Sheet Sumus® for active mulching with recycled paper, certified compostable according to the UNI EN 13432 standard, treated with natural water repellent extracts and against weeds. The product makes thermal fluctuations less severe
Materials 100 recycled, post-consumer kraft avana paper certified for composting, natural activators to protect from UV rays and weeds
Weight 75g/m2 or higher
Glues and inks Water-based ink of brown color
Packaging of rolls for professional use
Base Roll Dim. Loading pallet 80×110×120 cm
Height from 120 to 140 cm Loading pallet net weight 580 kg
Length 600 m Complete load (pallet/load) 33
Diameter 30 cm Complete load (rolls/load) 264
Roll weight from 58 to 68 kg
Packaging of rolls for hobby use
Base Roll Dim. Loading pallet 80×110×120 cm
Height from 80 to 120 cm Loading pallet net weight 250 kg
Length 50 m Complete load (pallet/load) 33
Diameter 12 cm Load (rolls/load) 2.310
Roll weight da 3 a 4,5 kg
Loading pallet


N. stacks 1
N. packages per pallet 14
No. Pieces per package 5
Weight per package 16 kg
Package dimension 61×13×81 o 121 cm
Technical drawing