Sumus for organic waste

Sumus® bags can be printed in high number and are highly communicative.

They can be customised according to the customers’ specific requests.

Sumus® is the only bag with patented internal bottom cover 100% made in Italy with post-consumer Italian recycled paper at the last stage of its life cycle.

All Sumus® bags for the collection of organic waste are compostable..

The recycled paper of the bag complies with specific UNI standards that ensure remarkable resistance against liquids, holes and ruptures.

All Sumus® bags for the collection of organic waste undergo an anti-moisture treatment.

The glues and inks used by Sumus® Italia are water-based and totally biodegradable.

The total volume of bags for organic waste ranges from 7 to 360 litres.


Sumus® bags for organic waste up to a volume of 20 litres and for typical
home uses, are characterised by the following patented technical solutions:

• The internal bottom cover maintains the bag’s bottom flat, improving the absorbing qualities, evapo-transpiration efficacy and resistance to liquids and ruptures;

• The bottom sealing has a particularly shape, with three layers of paper and three gluing levels, which ensure resistance to ruptures and moisture;

• The folding tabs on the upper edges keep the bag always open and adhering to the vented bin whenbeing used, thus further improving the evapo-transpiration of organic waste.

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At home


• No odours;

• No slurry;

• No ruptures;

• Fewer bags;

• Less useless weight;

• Improved use of the bags’ volume.

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During transport


• No transport of dirty water;

• Fewer collection rounds;

• Improved management of vehicles;

• Improved work conditions.

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In bio-digestion and/or composting plants


• Pure organic waste;

• No need for bag splitters;

• No system incompatibility issue.

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