Sumus for paper

• Sumus® bags can be printed in high number and are highly communicative; they can be customised according to the customers’ specific requests;

• They suggest virtuous behaviours, such as for example separating non-paper wrapping from magazines or other unsuitable contents;

• They fall in category A in the platform, according to Conai-Comieco agreement

• Sumus® bags follow the paper and cardboard recycling chain

• the operator is not forced to reposition the bin after emptying it, thus reducing times and efforts in door to door collection

• They do not require bag splitters and reduce manual separation tasks;

• • They contribute to increase the weight and quality of recycled paper, thus they are partially «reimbursed»

• Recycled paper bags suggest the user that the recycled paper is actually recycled and forests are not impacted

•Container and content are consistent, thus improving the recycling quality

• Volumes from 30 to 120 litres also available in
aquaSumus® version, particularly resistant to rain.

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